The Clean White Space Between


I am “between” or “in between” or less euphemistically not working on or for anything right now.  It is an interesting place to be since for the last 15 years or so I have been deeply involved with startup businesses.  So what am I doing with all my free time? I have been trying to get through, over or under the wall of depression that came with the failure of my last enterprise.  This depression on top of my pre-existing depression (it started when I was 15, but that is another post) has made this one of the more difficult periods in my life, and it has taken several months to drag myself out of it.  This blog post is probably the strongest evidence that I am getting better. Aside from starting a blog, what else have I been doing?

Networking debt repayment is where I spend focus and energy.  I have not been a good networker. I am not sure why, but maybe it was insecurity because of imposter syndrome.  A more likely reason is that, I thought that networking was a low value activity.  The last three years have demonstrated the value of a good network, and now is the time to build and strengthen it through cooperation, collaboration and sharing.

I also been advising (mentoring?) several different groups typically focusing early stage issues like business model, market sizing and what ever else that they may need.  It is a humbling experience, working with people that are focused, motivated and really bright.

Next has been my frustratingly slow reintroduction into coding, something that I have not done for several years in any serious way. My initial project is a “stupid“, hacked together piece of slovenly written PHP to curate content from my social network feeds. I think the project title should be “Newb Adventures with oAuth”.

Finally, I am researching new ideas, opportunities, and problems out of the Fertilab in Eugene.  Fertilab is a nonprofit peer incubator and early stage startup coworking space.  It was started by a few brave people that believe the Eugene/Springfield entrepreneurial space needs some bottom-up support to grow and thrive.  My reasons for working there are to gauge the local startup environment and help in any way to grow entrepreneurship because I believe that bottom-up facilities like Fertilab will prove to invaluable to our community.

This white space is not someplace I want to stay in for too long but for now it is a great place.


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